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Low-Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe – Keto Friendly

These low-carb chocolate chip cookies are just like normal cookies, but alternatively, we use almond flour. Everyone loves to eat chocolate chip cookies. But while you are following the ketogenic, you may have to avoid some high carb things because this special diet limits your intakes of carbs.

So, you can replace high carb ingredients with some keto-friendly ingredients. Such as you can replace all-purpose flour with almond flour or coconut flour. Prepare them easily because they are a perfect treat for any kind of event.

You can make these cookies for keto workplace treats, as a snacky treat for yourself, and also a sneaky and healthy treat for children. This keto version of cookies are low carb and have the best taste you’ve ever taste. Almond flour in the cookies is just taste like the real flour.

Once you tried this keto chocolate chip cookie recipe, you will fall in love with them. They don’t cause of any side effect for your ketones. So, below you will see the recipe and all the nutrition benefits of these cookies. Let’s have a look at below:

What are Cookies?

Low-carb cookies are taste like usual chocolate chip cookies, but instead, we use almond flour. Because the keto diet doesn’t allow to eat high carb food items. Therefore, we need to replace high carb ingredients with some low-carb things as these keto-friendly chocolate chip cookies are made with almond flour.

You can substitute your regular sugar with erythritol because it’s a keto-friendly sweetener—a better suggestion for you to use 100% erythritol that you will find in the recipe ingredients.

Ingredients For Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

To make these cookies, we need some alternative ingredients. The base of making these cookies is almond flour and some more ingredients. But, also use some additional extras which make these cookies low-carb chocolate chip cookies. And, melt the cookie in your mouth when you eat them.

For preparing the chocolate chip cookies, you will add some blackstrap molasses to make it deep, and flavour which is usually founded in all cookies recipe. Eggs and xanthan gum also plays a role to make the cookies chewy and moister. You can toss chocolate chip cookies that are made with stevia.

These things you may need to make keto chocolate chip cookies include:

  • Balanced almond flour
  • Butter
  • Allulose or erythritol
  • Vanilla extract
  • Egg
  • Blackstrap molasses
  • Xanthan gum (optional)
  • Sugar-free dark chocolate

How to Make Crispy Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Here are some tips for you to make these cookies perfectly. The first step is to make sure that you add all the dry ingredients before adding the mixture of butter. It may help you to divide the xanthan gum and baking powder while better equally. For this, you have to melt the butter nicely it will help to you.

If you don’t want to melt the butter in the microwave, then you can use the saucepan to melt it. Or, if you want to melt the cookies into the oven then soften butter will help you for this purpose, as well as you are using 100% pure erythritol.

The batter of your cookies must be looked best before proceeding. Remember that if the cookies don’t melt in the shape of cookies within five minutes, it means that you’ve used too much flour in the batter. Or, you don’t melt the butter accurately.

So, if they don’t melt than press them down quickly by using the fork while midway through the cooking.


This recipe of chocolate chip cookies can be prepared in just 25 minutes or less. Here is the method of how to make the best almond flour chocolate chip cookies:

  • Try to cream your butter until it is light and fluffy. It’s a huge thing for the cookie guys, and so there is no workaround. To make the best texture, you have to cream the butter with sweetener and mix them for about 10 minutes roughly. Rubbing the bowl and for 2 to 3 times to guarantee no uneven beams support.
  • Not going to like the dairy-free products that may be a little bit difficult. Especially for making crispy chocolate chip cookies. Shortening is the closest substitute to butter out there. But you have to cut out the amount of butter by 20% because it’s pure fat. Except for this keep in mind one thing that you don’t get the butter flavour. This is the reason why even recipes with lard but you have to put them into the butter.
  • Cakier vs are Crispier: You play around the texture of the recipe without altering the recipe in itself. For a moment, if you want to make them crispier, make sure to pre-flatten a bit the cookies before baking them. You can use vellum paper and even have the cookie money at the place temp than ultra pessimistic.
  • But for cookies, you have to do the opposite thing. Convection stoves also begin to cakier cookies overall, and the sweeteners also play an important role. The gluten-free pfeffernusse cookies are low-carb by applying the almond meal and sell the brown sugar with keto brown sugar replacement. Plus, powdered form of erythritol in the volume of powdered sugar.

Health Benefits of On sugar Cookies

While ketogenic diet, if you want to eat some snacks, then keto-friendly and sugar-free snacks are better for you. Because keto snacks and treats contain so much butter, keep on the check that you are using a good quality butter which is the excellent grass-fed variety of butter.

Grass-fed butter contains six times more CLA that will help to the body for burning the fat accurately and properly. While you want to call these almond meal cookies, low-carb cookies, almond flour cookies, low-carb chocolate chip cookies, these all are same.

All these meals are belongs to the same family and much more like the keto diet community, which loves to help to each other.


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