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Bulletproof Keto Coffee With Butter – Amazing Benefits

There is nothing tastier thing that will replace the morning cup of coffee. Especially when you take it with the delicious and creamy butter. You can have a cup of keto coffee that made with the butter and MCT oil. It can suppress your hunger and provide a bunch of energy.

Also, you can get the mental focus with a tasty cup of keto coffee with butter. If you want to know more about this tasty cup of coffee that read on below. Here you will discover how drinking a coffee with butter can support your low carb diet. So, let’s have a look at below:

Coffee With Butter

When you add butter to your coffee, it will find its way for purported fat-burning and mental clarity benefits. Besides, other people who drink coffee found this coffee as a non-traditional. You may be wondering when you know that adding butter to your coffee is healthy or it’s just a trend driven by the false claims.

Originally, butter coffee is a drink that contains brewed coffee, unsalted butter, and MCT oil. These fats are easily able to digest. It’s a little bit the same as the Bulletproof coffee, and an entrepreneur develops that. Special and different types of coffee beans are used to make bulletproof coffee.

But the Butter coffee is a kind of do-it-yourself coffee version of the Bulletproof coffee. It doesn’t require any special beans and MCT oil. In fact, if you add unsalted butter and coconut oil to any coffee, it can be a good source of MCTs. It will work well for you.

Often butter coffee can be drink in the morning in place of the breakfast by the following keto diet, which allows for high fat and low carbs.

What Is Butter Coffee?

The first thing is that clear the Butter coffee is not the same as the Bulletproof coffee and coconut oil coffee. But especially, this cup is loaded with the flavor, and its filling is satisfying. And, when you made it properly, you can get a delightful and delicate foam on the top of the coffee.

Butter coffee is a mixture of organic coffee, grass-fed butter, and MCT oil. When the ingredients are mixed with the coffee, all ingredients can work together to keep your energy level up and sustained for many hours, without typical coffee trash.

This coffee is famous because it is good to boost the cognitive function, support fat burning, balance mood swings, hormone levels, and reduce appetite. Once you tried this coffee, it will be your favorite coffee on this planet. To make the best butter coffee, it is very important to start with the high-quality ingredients.

Butter In Coffee Benefits

Mixing butter in your coffee provides essential nutrients to your body that your body needs to thrive and can keep you full for a long time. I can also help reduce the jitters and crashes, provide a slower, more sustained energy high, and kick the body in the fat-burning process.

Make sure your butter choice is pure grass-fed, as grain-fed butter and ghee are very low in a nutrient. The primary reason that why people drink this coffee is the boost of caffeine. Let’s take a look at the benefits of butter in coffee.

Improve Energy Level

It is believed that Butter coffee will help to provide a steady and long-lasting energy without crash your blood sugar. Following the study, fat will slow down the digestion; the caffeine in the coffee can slow the absorption and provide long-time energy.

While the caffeine in coffee will slow the absorption and can prolong the effects of caffeine, it is possible. But the effects are likely insignificant and unnoticeable. Rather, the MCT oil is responsible for the long-lasting energy-boosting effects of butter in coffee.

Help in Weight Loss

Butter coffee will potentially help in the weight loss process during the keto diet. Taking a dose of MCT oil in the morning will help stabilize blood sugar and increase ketone production. This coffee also improves your metabolism and simultaneously helps your body get into the fat-burning process.

May Protect Your Liver

The human liver is an amazing organ that can carry out hundreds of important functions. Many types of natural conditions may fundamentally affect your liver and also hepatitis. Fatty liver may be disorder and many others. Some of these conditions may lead you to the cirrhosis.

May Protect You From Alzheimer Disease and Dementia

Alzheimer’s is a kind of disease that is most prevalent neuron degenerative. This disease is also the cause of madness in the world. It usually affects the 65 characters, and there is no known cure. Therefore, you need many things to reduce the disease from occurring in the first place. So, the potential ingredients of this coffee will help to protect yourself from this disease.

Doesn’t Cause of Heart Disease And Lower The Risk of Strok

As butter coffee contains a good coffee content that can improve your blood pressure. It is true, but if you drink butter coffee in your daily routine, then the effect little and dissipates. But the studies don’t support the idea that coffee can raise the risk of heart disease. In fact, it can reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Ingredient of Butter Coffee

  • Coffee:It is packed with the healthy antioxidants such as chlorogenic acid may increase the energy. Also, it can enhance concentration, promotes fat-burning, and the risk of particular diseases.
  • Grass-fed butter:It contains a higher amount of powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants are beta carotene as well as more elevated amounts of anti-inflammatory and omega-3 fatty acid, than regular butter.
  • Coconut oil or MCT oil: Coconut oil contains healthy fats that can increase the heart-protective HDL cholesterol and prevent inflammation. Butter coffee with MCT oil can help to promote weight loss and improves cholesterol in few studies.

How To Prepare Butter Coffee

This coffee is very easy to make with the freshly brewed coffee with butter and use. To add butter, you need to choose the best quality of butter. It should be marked as coffee grass-fed as this provides omega-three fatty acids and vitamin K. The butter has been linked to the lower rates of heart disease.

Try to find an unsalted and organic butter; it’s also essential. If you want to achieve a latte like consistency is to emulsify the fat with coffee. You can do this by using an immersion and regular blender to mix them carefully.

Replace the butter with some coconut oil that will provide a small dose of lauric acid. Moreover, you can make your butter coffee without using a blender.

Best Butter for Coffee

This butter coffee will just work for a few people. It is also good for the people who have a heart problem, also for those who have a sedentary lifestyle may want to think

two times a day before replacing their breakfast with the brew. After all, this coffee is famous with the Tibetan plateau trekkers. As, it can potentially provide a long and arduous journey.


Butter coffee is a popular drink which consists of the brewed coffee, butter, and MCT or coconut oil. It has the potential to boost your metabolism and energy levels. But these kinds of effects still need to be proven. However, butter coffee is beneficial for those who are following the ketogenic diet.

It is a perfect way to get several health benefits to start your day. This coffee is a healthful dietary additional for those people who want to get the ketosis. Low carb dieters are often using butter coffee in the morning by replacing the breakfast.

Therefore, many keto-friendly snacks may provide significantly more nutrients than the Butter Coffee to get the same amount of calories. To get the benefits of butter coffee, make sure that you are using a grass-fed butter, MCT oil, and coconut oil. Add these healthy ingredients to your daily diet routine in other ways.


Why Did People Add Butter in Their Coffee?

Because butter coffee has the potential to provide regular and long-lasting energy without crash your blood pressure. Since the fats can slow down your metabolism. And the caffeine that founds in the coffee is slowly absorbed in the body and provides long-lasting energy.

What Is Coffee With Butter Called?

That is called a Butter drink that consists of a fermented coffee, unsalted butter, and medium-chain triglycerides. It’s similar to Bulletproof Coffee, and the Dave Aspery develops that.

Do You Have To Put Butter In Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof coffee contains a high amount of fat and can be drunk at the place of your meal. Add 2 tbsp of butter with 1 tbsp MCT oil, and then it will be a calorie-laden drink.

Does Butter Coffee Break Fast?

Foods and drinks such as any calories like bone broth and some healthy fats. These foods are technically listed to break your fast food drinks and bone stock, and the other fats are listed above to technically cut your secure.

Is Adding Butter To Coffee Is Healthy?

Yes! It is a healthy way to keep your health better. Butter has a high amount of saturated fats. While the experts said that it could prevent the risk of stroke and heart disease. Adding two tbsp of butter to your cup of coffee will add 200 calories to your cup.

Can You Put Salted Butter In Coffee?

If you like the taste, then you can add salted butter to your coffee. Or, if you are a follower of the bulletproof diet, you need to cut off a lot of salt from your daily routine and fast foods and processed foods.

Does Butter In Coffee Taste Good?

Some notes claim that butter in coffee may emphasize the buttery notes in the beans. But, maybe it is not true. This coffee just tastes like the hot coffee flavored with butter. Drinking coffee after breakfast can keep the drinkers full for a long time.

How Much Butter Should I Put In My Coffee?

Start your butter adding routine with 1 tbsp of butter in your daily one cup. Then work up and increase your spoons over several days. Add 1 or 2 tbsp of grass-fed unsalted butter and 1 or 2 tbsp of grass-fed ghee.

Can You Put Ghee In Coffee?

Ghee helps to cut the acidity and inflammation. Also, the calcium content in the ghee can be neutralizes the effects. Moreover, it contains the good type of fat-butyric acid and omega-3 s. And, both are good for your health and for metabolism.


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