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MCT Oil Reviews : Health Benefits And How Does It Work?


MCT is one of the best and popular way of clean fuel for your body and brain. Medium-chain-triglycerides are fat that is found in the food, such as coconut oil. MCT oil is the best way to give the power to your performance.

It supports healthy metabolism and gives you a kick to start your weight management. This oil a dietary complement that is made by the MCT fats. The oil founds in the coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and farm produced.

In this article, you will learn about many health benefits of MCT oil.

What is MCT Oil?

MCT’s full name is medium-chain triglycerides. This oil is a form of saturated fatty acid, which is full of health benefits. The oil has many advantages as opposed to Long-chain triglycerides that are mostly found in foods.

The human makes this via a process called fractionation. In this process, MCT oil is isolated and extracted from the coconut oil, palm oil, and kernel oil.

These types of fats are essential for the healthy human brain and multiple body systems. These fats are played a valuable role in weight management. A positive effect on the leptin receptors, assisting in keeping you feeling full, keeps you satisfied for many hours.

MCT oil consists of some acids, such as 100% caprylic acid, 100% capric acid, and a combo of the two. Due to the unpleasant taste of caproic acid, it is not included. At the same time, the lauric acid is missing or often present in only a little amount.

Lauric acid is the most important and central part of coconut oil. Be careful by the manufacturers of the MCT oil as liquid coconut oil that is misleading. Some people think that whether lauric acid may enhance and reduce the quality of MCT oil.

While some other people said that MCT oil is better than the coconut oil because the capric acid and caprylic acid are rapidly absorbed and processed for energy compared to the lauric acid.

Does MCT Oil Really Work?

When you replace the LCT with MCT oil, you may feel full and store less fat. If you feel no hunger, you eat less. You take only a few calories if you use MCT oil instead of coconut oil. MCT oil is a fat type for the patient who can not be allowed other kinds of fats.

There is not enough research available, which shows that MCT oil helps to weight loss. MCT oil is also suitable for you to boost your strength when you are elder and weak. But there is some evidence that shows MCT oil can raise your energy used by your muscles.

MCT oil can increase the level of energy, metabolism, satiety, and brain function. The oil also helps curb food cravings that make it easy to stabilize your blood sugar and stay in ketosis.


As we all know, MCT oil increases your energy, endurance, brain function, and metabolism, especially compared to other forms of fat. MCT is not found in Western diets. So add MCT oil in your daily routine because it’s a powerful way to benefit from multi-tasking smart fats.

Here are the details that why MCT oil is good:

1. Weight Management

MCT oil can help to lose your body fat. It doesn’t matter which diet you are following. Your body burns your fat only when you turn MCT into the alternatives form of energy called ketones.

Ketones increase your metabolism rate and burn the body fat you already have. It is not necessary to follow the keto diet to get the benefits of MCT oil effects.

2. Suppress Hunger

The quality fat is quenched, so the MCT oil helps keep you full for a long time without the thought of mid-morning snack. There is science behind it because MCT oil raises your ketones level. Ketones can suppress your hunger hormone and increase the cholecystokinin that is good to keep you full.

3. More Brain Power

If you use high-quality MCT oil that rapidly turns into ketosis, it provides the jolt of energy and mental clarity to your brain. If someone’s carbs are low, the MCT oil can be converted into ketosis. That is unlike glucose, it can cross the blood-brain barrier and can be used as a fuel source of the brain.

4. Supports the Guts

MCT oil helps to balance your gut bacteria and maintain your gut lining. When your gut lining is not as protective as it should be, toxins, bacteria, and foods particles may pass through your gut. These particles may enter your bloodstream and put you at risk of serious illness.

5. Boosts Your Workout

Some studies suggest that MCT oil can help you to exercise longer and may improve your stamina. A study on mice who eat a rich diet with MCT showed more endurance during a swim test than mice fed long-chain triglycerides.

6. Increase Brain Power

High-quality MCT oil changes into ketones within minutes, presenting your brain with fast jolt energy and mental purity. When someone carbs are low enough, MCT oil can be converted into ketones, which, unlike glucose, can cross the blood-brain barrier and be used as a fuel source for brain cells.

7. Strengthens The Gut

MCT oil balances helpful gut bacteria and may maintain your gut lining. When you have holes in your intestine, toxins, bacteria and food particles can escape and enter your bloodstream, putting you at risk for severe gastrointestinal disorders like inflammatory bowel disease and food allergies.

8. Lowered Blood Sugar Levels

Most may also help to improve blood sugar levels and play a potential role in diabetes management. MCT oil proved diabetes risk factors, including insulin protection, in a small group of associates with type 2 diabetes.

How To Use Mct Oil?

Many biohackers use MCT oil daily as a supplement. They directly add the spoon of oil in their drinks and smoothies. But there are many different ways to get the dose of MCT oil in your daily routine.

The easy way to get the benefits of MCT oil is coconut oil and MCT oil. Or, they unify the MCT oil to get the benefits of MCT oil in seconds. Unify is a process of blending two liquid together, which is not combined physically and chemically. MCT oil may aid weight loss is in several ways.

If you are one of those persons who are looking for the way of least resistance when you want to prepare food. Then emulsification of MCT oil is a better way for you. Take a cup, put the liquid in add EMCT, and enjoy while drinking. No blender is required for this purpose.

But these are not the only wat to incorporate the MCT oil. You can emulsify the MCT oil in your oatmeal, full-fat Greek, or Skyr yogurt in the morning. You can caffeinate your beverages and also protein shakes. There are numerous options to reap the benefits of MCT oil in your foods, such as:

  • When you are cooking and baking at high temperatures: It is better to use ghee like clarified butter. It contains less MCT oil content than coconut oil, but full of high smoke point.
  • When your are cooking at medium temperatures: It’s better to use coconut oil as it contains higher amount of MCT oil than ghee or butter, but the lower smoke point.
  • You can also mix and blend with the un-emulsified fats at medium temperature: Using MCT oil is better as it is a concentrated source of lauric acid with less smoke point.
  • Stir it with any material at any temperature: Use emulsified MCT oil as there is a lower concentration of lauric acid than the MCT oil, but it can mix easily.

Side Effects

It is possible that people may be taking a hefty dose of MCT oil once or twice a week to get the advantages in those days. But try to avoid using MCT oil regularly. So it is also possible that you can’t trigger MCT oil’s side effects, which can come as getting the MCT as part of your daily routine. But anyhow, propper dosing is also essential.

However, you may experience minor side effects. Side effects, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and an upset stomach. But you can avoid these side effects by getting a small dose of MCT oil. Get the dose of 1 teaspoon (5 ml) and then increase the amount slowly. And, once you tolerated the spoon, you can get the tablespoon dose.

MCT Oil Powder

MCT oil is a straightforward way to get MCTs on the go. But it is compared to MCT oil? It depends on what you choose MCT oil or powder. All MCT products are not created equally, and some MCT powder may kick you out from the ketosis.

It doesn’t require to get the carrier oil or extra additives. MCT oil is different as it is produced with a process called spray drying. In this process, MCT oil is sprayed into the carrier material, and it turns in the form of powder.

So, if you want to get the MCT in powdered form, there are three packages available. You can click on the picture and place your order efficiently.

  • One bottle : $35  + 3.95 Shipping
  • Three bottles : $87 Free Shipping
  • Six bottles : $150  Free shipping
mct oil powder


For the most significant benefits of MCT oil, make sure you choose the pure 100% triple-distilled, expeller pressed. C8 MCT oil is entirely sourced from coconuts without any added chemicals.

MCT oil may help to maintain diabetes by reducing fat storage and increasing the fat burning. The oil also increases the release of hunger when your hunger hormone release leads you to increase your food intake.

In the long term, it may increase the level of fat in the liver. MCT oil contains fatty acids that help to reduce the growth of yeast and bacteria in the body.

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