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The Perfect Keto-Friendly Bars – Delicious Keto Protein Bars

The Perfect Keto-Friendly Bars

Ketogenic is a low-carb and high-fat diet. This diet contains many health benefits include weight loss.

For the keto dieters, perfect keto bars are a good option. Grab these delicious snacks anywhere and eat anytime when you need a meal. It may difficult to choose an ideal keto bar because many bars are high in carbs and low in fat.

Perfect keto bars are collagen based protein bars which made as a snack for keto dieters. It doesn’t spike your blood sugar. Four flavours of the keto bars available in the market: Lemon poppy seeds, almond butter brownie, chocolate chip cookie,  and salted caramel.

Some bars may be the right choice for keto, but they also harmful. Because they contain artificial ingredients, additives, and preservations. But if you find them wisely, you can find rich protein, keto-friendly, and fully nutritious bars. If you can’t find them try to make your own bars.

How It Affects Blood Sugar And Ketones

Ingredients are the main part of any product or recipe. But it is also essential to check the impact of ingredients on blood sugar and ketones when all the ingredients add in a single food.

To check the impact of ingredients, for the experiment, we use almond butter brownie perfect keto bar and test the blood sugar levels by using keto-mojo. The result is that perfect keto bar has no impact on blood sugar and ketones.

Some Delicious Keto Protein Bars Options

There is a list of perfect keto bars for you. So it may easy for you to find the best keto bar.

Some healthy and delicious options of keto protein bars.

  1. Perfect Keto Bars

These bars are made explicitly for keto dieters. The keto protein vibrant bars are available in five flavours cinnamon roll, salted caramel, and chocolate chip cookie.

Perfect keto bars designed to provide 2-3 grams of net carbs, 11 grams of protein, and 17 grams of fat. Usual keto bars contain fiber and unhealthy sugary alcohol which can not fully be absorbed by the human body.

  1. MariGold Protein Bars

MariGold protein bars available in several different flavours. But it is famous because of its homemade taste and texture. Each bar contains 2-3 g net carbs, 5-8 g fiber, 16-18 g fat, and 20-21 g protein. These bars are made with few ingredients comprise grass-fed whey protein.

Whey powder is an excellent supplement because of its protein which can quickly absorb by the human body. The result, it improves strength, muscle mass, and help for weight loss.

  1. DNX Bars

DNX bars are made of grass-fed bison and beef, free-range chicken. These bars are free of added sugar. Some ingredients are white egg, dates, dehydrated vegetables, nuts seeds, and spices.

Sacha inchi oil add for some extra nutrition. Sacha inchi is a plant which produces calcium, vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acid-rich seeds that may help to decrease the inflammation. This bar provides 140 calories, 1 gram net carbs, 9 gram fat, 1 gram sugar, and 14 gram of protein.

  1. Keto Bars

Keto bars are the first bars which specially made for the keto dieters. As they low in carbs and high in fat, these bars also are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free.

The ingredients list of the keto bars are short and made with unsweetened chocolate, coconut, and nut butter. For sweet taste or keep them sugar-free, they use artificial sweeteners. They promote 230 calories, 3-gram net carbs, 7-gram fiber, 6-gram protein.

  1. Atlas Protein Bars

Atlas protein bars have six dessert flavours and a cookie dough consistency. Each bar provides 200 calories, 11 grams fat, 15-gram protein, and 5-gram net carbs. Manufacturers do not add any type of artificial sweetener and sugar alcohols.

They use monk fruit extract for natural sweet taste and with zero-calorie sweetener, in these bars, two types of herbs added which is adaptogens and maca root powder. These herbs help to manage stress, improve energy levels, and anxiety.

Ingredients Of Keto Bar

Collagen protein is found in perfect keto bars. This protein helps to improve skin, gut, and joints health. They have no compromise on the quality of keto bars and use organic ingredients include almond butter, cocoa butter, collagen protein, almonds, and organic coconut oil. Some of these ingredients are expensive, which many companies do not use in their products.

Soluble tapioca fibre found in the other bar products to keep bind the ingredients together and turned into a bar. There are some complications to make keto-friendly bars. Most of the companies use honey or dates type ingredients to bing the product together, which may be high in carbs. But perfect keto did not use these high carb ingredients.

Ingredient list:

  • Organic almond butter
  • Soluble tapioca fiber
  • Gree-fed collagen
  • Cacao butter
  • Sunflower lecithin
  • Natural flavors
  • MCT oil
  • Acacia fiber
  • Sea salt
  • Stevia
  • Monk fruit extract
  • Natural flavors
  • Organic vanilla extract

Perfect keto uses top-quality ingredients to make these delicious snack bars. Tapioca fiber helps to bind the ingredients together into a bar. This is an essential ingredient.

How’s The Taste Of These Bars?

After the discussion of ingredients, the next question is about taste and texture. Perfect keto bars have four flavours chocolate chip cookie dough, lemon poppy seed, almond butter brownie, and salted caramel.

Salted caramel bar is sweet in taste, so if you don’t want to eat sweet bar then try almond butter brownie and lemon poppy seed. Each bar has its own delicious taste and texture.

These bars are generally soft, crumbly, and chunky in texture. Perfect keto bars give satisfaction to your sweet tooth, without kicking you out from the keto diet. It’s a great way to enjoy your diet with restrictions.

How To Choose A Healthy Keto Protein Bar

There are many different types of the keto diet, but the popular diet force you to eat low carb and high-fat meals. The meals which give you 70% of calories daily, 20% of protein,  and only 10% of carbs. So when you choose keto bar, you’ll want to stick with this macronutrient breakdown closely.

If a bar contains 200 calories, it provides you to 16 grams fat, 10-gram protein, and less than 5-gram carbs. When you were going to buy the keto bars, make sure that check the ingredients list. Try to choose that bar which ingredients you know. Avoid unknown ingredient bar contains artificial sweetener and preservations. It is possible that the type of bars is highly processed, which is not keto.

The diets which allow highly processed foods may increase the risk of heart disease, chronic illness, cancer, and obesity. So that choose bars which made by natural foods like oil, spices, natural sweetener, nuts, and seeds. Keto diet is a high-fat diet, so you need some healthy fat like nuts, nut butter, MCT oil, avocado oil, and also flax, chia, and hemp seeds.

Use These Keto Energy Bars

These bars considered ideal because you can eat them when you need while walking at breakfast anytime. This is amazingly delicious and perfect for keto. When you are in a hurry and have a short time, use them as a meal. Some ideas to use these keto bars:

  • Pre-workout: Eat a bar before a workout. It is good to combine it with pre-workout.
  • In the purse: You will never stop on the gas station in search of pork rinds and pecans. When you have a keto bar in your pocket always.
  • Camping: Going camping? Then perfect keto bars an excellent option for you.
  • As a dessert: Dip a keto bar with the perfect keto nut butter and enjoy. It is an ideal bite for your sweet tooth.
  • As on-the-go fuel: When you are in a hurry, don’t forget to have this bar with you. Then eat it when you feel hungry.
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