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Perfect Keto Latte Coffee With MCT Oil Recipes – Bulletproof Coffee

What Is Keto Little Coffee?

Keto little coffee is a delicious kind of coffee. It is made with espresso,  good fat, and dairy-free heated milk to leverage with a yummier taste. This is a keto-friendly beverage that has 100% dairy-free support. All the ingredients are plant-based and ensure fast fat burn. You can make it easy and enjoy each sip to have no digestion issues. Keto diet is a low-carb diet that restricts carbs intake, but dairy is fairly allowed. However, this coffee is digestible and not heavy on your stomach. The information of keto coffee has been emerging in the last decade due to its love from the dieters.

As there is a use of Bulletproof coffee from Dave Asprey that cause people to always go for keto coffee. It is more favorable because it has no carbs and zero sugar that is quite beneficial for the keto diet. Keto coffee is usually blended with a mixture of high-quality ingredients such as raw black coffee and a keto-friendly grass-fed butter or MCT. This may offer an abundant amount of fats and caffeine. It has lesser carbs as compared to other beverages.

Moreover, you will also get other health benefits along with weight loss. You can enjoy the power, maintained blood sugar level, and enhanced cognitive function. This coffee makes you more mentally alert and improves mental clarity by reducing brain fog.

How Does Keto Coffee Work?

Keto coffee has all the ingredients that are useful for various health advantages. It has the blend of those things that keep your fat-burning process on the right track. This product has coffee beans and high-fat support that bring maximum change to weight loss. The keto coffee works by using the benefits of its ingredients. It also has grass-fed butter and MCT oil that is highly supportive of the fat element. This is a super-charged, high-fat, high-performance latte that also includes black coffee. You can get various micro-nutrients to attain overall health and fitness. It contains potassium and niacin that maintain nerves functioning, heartbeat, and improve bone health. Keto diet was made for diabetic patients, but it goes successful for weight loss as well. That is why you can get benefits to maintain type 2 diabetes with this keto coffee. Moreover, it has caffeine, which keeps your brain active and alert.

How to Make Keto Coffee At Home?

Making keto coffee is relatively more comfortable, and you can make it at home by following a few simple steps. Although you may find different recipes to make keto coffee, such as Bulletproof coffee is delicious and has other making processes and ingredients. For making the keto coffee at home, you need a few things before you make it. We have discussed all the things and process in the keto coffee causing section in this article. Bulletproof coffee is made with high octane oil, while the recipe we will share for keto coffee is made with MCT oil.

Tools to Make Bulletproof Coffee

If you want to make keto coffee or bulletproof coffee, you need a few things required for an ultimate taste and easier making. The most delicate thing in coffee making is the mixing in a proper way to get the fluff and frothy texture. That is why you need these things to make your coffee tastier.


It is required to make your bulletproof coffee more light, fluffy, and yummier. Making coffee will be easier if you have a perfect blender. The only drawback is to wash it off after coffee making. However, the texture you attain in your coffee with a blender’s help will defy the drawback and make it a beneficial deal. It may pulse the espresso with oils at a very high speed to make sweet bulletproof coffee. There are specific blenders for coffee making, but you can also use the usual blender to enjoy the fluffy texture of your coffee.

Milk Frother

A milk frother is a tool that will help you make your keto coffee in a very feasible and convenient way. Contrary to a blender, it gives less noise and less cleaning hectic. A milk frother can help to froth almond milk and produces the best milk foam for a better taste.

Best Keto Butter Coffee With MCT Oil And Collagen

There are different recipes for keto coffee, but you can choose which one is better for you. You can make keto coffee with various recipes by variating the ingredients such as butter and MCT oil. This oil carries more health benefits and gives you a fantastic taste. It has more fats and lesser calories as compared to other kinds of fats. You can enjoy a creamy, delicious, and appetite suppressing taste that also fill up your body with energy. You can also add the MCT oil and collagen to differentiate your keto coffee’s taste and flavor. You can add collagen to get the protein boost that helps hair, skin, and joints health. Moreover, it gives a creamy texture to your coffee and makes it yummier.

Things for Making Keto Coffee

Improving your taste and texture of coffee is essential because you can enjoy each sip. We have to figure out a few points that are really helpful to make your keto coffee. These facts are:

A Good Quality Coffee

The essential thing to make coffee is high-quality coffee, which is going to add up its flavor. There is espresso coffee that you can make the basics of your coffee for a more pungent taste. It has higher caffeine content that allows you to get a better taste in your coffee. However, you have to drink coffee in the morning or at lunchtime because it has a powerful caffeine effect. When you drink coffee in the evening or night time, then there will be issues in sleeping. So, make it the day booster by taking coffee in the morning.

Add Healthy Fats

Fats are essential for weight loss and the keto diet. You have to add a healthy fat option. You can use cocoa butter, MCT oil, coconut oil, and many other high- fats and lower in carbs. You can also use butter and have the creaminess. This may give you digestion support and a better taste. Moreover, using plant-based fat sources are also beneficial for taste and fat content. It gives you no sugar, no dairy, and proven to be 100% plant-based fat.

Oleic acid is monounsaturated fat, which minimizes the risk of heart disease. Cream is also an option that adds to your keto coffee as a fat option. Coconut cream is a dairy-free kind of fat that is suitable for the keto diet.

MCT oil is one of the best fat options that are keto-friendly. MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides that provide fuel to your body. It is effortless to absorb, and your body uses it instantly for energy production. This may burn fat and produce energy by increasing the number of ketones in the body.

Add Dairy-Free Milk

By adding dairy-free milk such as almond milk can give the creamy texture and silky foaming froth.


There is an option to add sweeteners and cinnamon to improve the taste. Sugar-free crystal sweeteners can be used but make sure they are keto-friendly. There are such options as as erythritol, stevia, or monk fruit sugar.


Cinnamon is a spice that enhances the flavor of your latte and keto coffee. It helps to decrease blood sugar levels and gives a different taste.

Different Recipes for Keto Coffee

Finding the best coffee flavor is another thing that lessens your hectic of enjoying each sip with a different taste.

  1. Keto Latte Recipe

This recipe has a bunch of ingredients that make it a tasty and healthy coffee.


Brewed expresso                                         ¼ cup

MCT oil or coconut oil                              One tablespoon

Coconut cream or heavy cream                       Two tablespoon

Erythritol or monk fruit                           1-2 teaspoon

Cocoa butter                                              10-gram

Unsweetened vanilla almond milk                    1/3 cup

Ground cinnamon                                    ¼ teaspoon


  • Add the hot brewed espresso, MCT oil, cream, sugar-free sweetener, and the cocoa butter in a blender.
  • Make sure espresso is hot because it will prevent lumps. You can melt it in the microwave to get its liquid form.
  • Blend it on high speed for 35 seconds or keep it blending until oil a=dn coffee ar properly combined
  • Add into your mug
  • Make the frothed milk by adding unsweetened vanilla milk. Froth it for 45 moments and enjoy the light foam.
  • Add the hot frothed almond milk to the top of the previous mixture.
  • Garnish it with cinnamon powder

Nutrition Facts

Calories                          305

Fat                                  31.8g

Carbohydrates       3.8g

Calories From Fat  286

Sugar                        0.7g

Protein                      1.5g

Net Carbs                3.8g

  1. Keto Boosted Coffee Recipe

Keto boosted coffee has the boost of energy and fats that are helpful for your keto dieting.


Freshly brewed hot coffee                                             2 cups

Grass-fed butter                                                              Two tablespoons

Perfect Keto MCT powder                                              One scoop

Ceylon cinnamon                                                             One teaspoon


  • Take all the ingredients and put them in a blender.
  • Use an immersion blender or frother.
  • Blend the ingredients on low speed to high for 30 seconds.

Nutrition Facts

Calories                               280

Protein                                1g

Fat                                       31g

Carbohydrates                  2.8g

Fiber                                    2.2g

  1. Bulletproof Coffee Recipe With MCT Oil

Bulletproof coffee is one of the favorite coffee for all the keto diet lovers. You can make it with MCT oil and enjoy the benefits.


Coffee                                                          8 oz

Unsweetened almond milk                    1\2

MCT oil                                                         1 tsp

Butter                                                           1 tsp

Collagen protein powder                        1 tsp


  • Gather the ingredients in a blender
  • Blend it for 5-15 seconds or until it gets frothy.
  • Serve it by pouring it into a drink mug.

Nutrition Facts

Calories                                110

Fat                                         10g

Protein                                 8g

Net carbs                             0g

Fiber                                     1g

Total carb                            1g

Sugar                                    0.003g

What’s So Special About Grass-Fed Butter?

Natural and pure foods are good for your health. Grass-fed butter is an option that is healthy and supportive of weight loss. It is derived from the cows that are fed by grass. There are no inorganic resource issues with this sort of butter because cattle are fed with natural things. That is why it is a healthy and natural food for your overall health maintenance. This butterfly carries more nutrients as the cattle feed with grass grown in the farms and widen fields. Facts revealed that grass-fed butter gives five times more conjugated linoleic acid than grain-fed butter. Conjugated linoleic acid is known as a naturally occurring fatty acid. It is found in meat and dairy products—this substance helps break down fats in your body and lead to weight loss.

What is MCT?

MCT stands for Medium-chain triglycerides. They are the fats found in coconut oil and other foods. Its metabolism is different as compared to other triglycerides. It has numerous health benefits that keep you healthy and fit. Triglycerides burn to bring fuel for your body. This is the primary purpose of this kind of fat, making it more useful for keto dieting. Its chemical structure and the length of their fatty acid chains are used to name them. they all consist of a glycerol molecule and three fatty acids. The long-chain fatty acids have 13-21 carbons, but short-chain fatty acids have six carbons lesser than the LCT.

What Is The Perfect Keto MCT Powder?

Perfect Keto MCT powder is a very supportive way to boost energy and weight loss to your keto dieting. However keto diet allows you to restrict crabs to indulge in ketosis. This is a high-fat burning state that burns extra fats of the body and provides energy for your day to day functioning. Your body uses carbs to get power, but your body burns stored fats of the body instead of carbs when you get into ketosis. This powder can give you energy and weight loss support.

Health Benefits Of MCT Oil

MCT oil has numerous benefits that make it useful for your health. It has the support to improve health and make it quite beneficial to get the desired weight loss outcomes. It is not like other fats that are heavy to digest. MCTs are easy to digest, as they did not make you feel heavy. It gives you a boost of energy and makes you feel less hungry. You eat less hungry because it maintains satiety and ceases the hunger pangs. It boosts metabolism and burns fats for beneficial results.

You may get the perk of inflammation reduction, provide support of antibiotics, and improve the gut’s good bacteria. It sharpens your cognitive health and produces ketones for body fuel. You can use it in different recipes to make smoothies, shakes, and other foods to get more support for your health and weight loss.


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