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Are Pickles Keto Friendly – Best Low Carb Pickle With Recipe

Keto diet is a low-carb diet that urges you to restrict your carbs. You have to eat those foods that are good for your weight loss. Moreover, you may found various foods that are naturally low in carbs. On the other hand, some foods need the evaluation to eat them carefully. And if you like tangy and sharp flavored foods, then what about pickles? Most people love pickles due to their sour, acidic, and tart flavor. But, the fact that we should explore in this article is to know that pickles are keto-friendly or not?

If you want to know the complete details, you can check this article for a complete idea.

What is Pickle?

Pickle is a relish that includes vegetables or fruit. They are preserved in vinegar or brine to give a unique flavor. It has been in use for thousands of years and belongs to ancient ancestors who loved eating various food. However, pickles have a unique taste but also quite beneficial for health. Pickle is derived from the Dutch pickle or northern German pókel that means salt or brine. It can be served with various dishes and contain vegetables, fruits, seeds, and different oils to give you the thunder boost of tart and sharp flavor.

There are different types of pickles with different seasonings and oils, which is why you can have various pickles. It has been in use for 5,000 years and liked all across the globe. The facts revealed that pickles have a place in human history as they are considered vital for Cleopatra’s beauty. Roman emperors, along with Julius Caesar, give pickles to their soldiers to keep them strong and healthy. A few soldiers were caught with Vitamin C deficiency and had a disease during the Age of Exploration. Christopher Columbus used to give pickles to boost the health of their soldiers. They are still on my favorite food list despite many centuries. Numerous people love it, such as pregnant ladies who love to eat pickles as they have cravings. A pickle is a healthy option that can also dynamically help you.

Can You Eat Pickles On Keto?

Pickles are beneficial for health. That is why you can add them to your keto-diet. This is keto-friendly if it has no sugar or artificial preservatives. You can have dill or sour pickles because they are a safe option for the keto diet. Sweet, candied, bread and butter are not suitable for this kind of dieting. Trying the homemade and natural pickles is suitable for the keto diet and avoiding store-bought brands full of sugar and carbs. So, pickle is safe to include in the keto diet as they are healthy but do not go for artificial flavors and make a realistic option your prior choice.

Some Health Benefits Of Pickles

Having pickle in your diet is good because it gives you anti-inflammatory support. It keeps your skin clear, increases insulin response, and makes you feel good in an overall health betterment. Pickle has vinegar and spices that are beneficial for your health.

Gives You A Tangy And Sharp Taste

It has a tangy and sharp taste that you can enjoy to tickle your taste buds. The acidic taste of pickles makes it more addable in almost every dish you want, a little bit tart and tangy.

Reduce the Digestion Issues

It has been revealed that pickle water and pickle can reduce digestion issues such as cramping. It is also useful for healthy weight loss and diabetes.

Help in Weight Loss

Pickle juice is helpful for weight loss. That is why it is beneficial for the ketogenic diet. There are essential metals in it which going to eliminate the keto flu and balance electrolytes.

Provide Antioxidants                     

Antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables are useful for your health. They are the ones who combat free radicals and make your body free from harmful components.

Render Sodium Support

When you are on the keto diet or low-carb diet, there is a decrease in sodium production due to low carb foods. Pickle is positively enriched with sodium and gives you support to protect you from keto flu. It improves sodium level in the body and keeps you on the right track to drop fat ratio.

Gives Stronger Aroma

Most of the pickles give you a unique and intense aroma that can trigger saliva production in your mouth and help in better food digestion.

Can You Eat Pickles on Keto Diet?

You can eat pickles when you are on the keto diet. It is a healthy option that you can use in your diet. Pickle has the spices and vinegar beneficial for overall health by managing your appetite and increasing the weight loss chances. You have to take a lesser amount of carbs when you are on the keto diet. Though pickles have lower carbs, the market-based pickles are not supportive. Most of the sweet and carb containing pickles in the market contain more carbs. Many other options contain less than 50 g carbs. Having less than 50g of carbs makes it supportive of the keto diet.

Net Carbs In Pickles

Carbs are crucial in the ketogenic diet. They are really more excellent if you healthily manage them. Pickle has a lower amount of carbs as it has more amount of fiber. That is why it is a keto-friendly food that offers fiber and lesser carbs. Most of the pickle kinds have 1g of carbs on their one small pickle spear. If you are having dill seed or kosher dill seed pickle, then you can have 4.7g of total carbs on a cup.

Pickles Are Great On The Ketogenic Diet

Well, facts revealed that pickles are good to add to the keto diet. They give a mouth-watering taste and incredible aroma. It has beneficial support for health. There is sodium in the pickle and vegetables, fruits, spices, and different pills that can keep you directed toward healthy weight loss. It may help you to have a reduction in flu signs. It has the good bacteria that also fight back with free radicals and tool the antioxidants.

How To Make Keto-Friendly Pickles?

There are a few ingredients that you can add to make the keto-friendly pickle at home. Here they are:

Ingredients                                     Quantity

Fresh gherkins                              12 pieces

Whole peppercorns                    1 tsp

Whole mustard seeds                 1 tsp

Whole allspice                              5

Bay leaf                                          1

Dill seed                                         1 tsp

Small white onion, sliced            1

Cloves garlic, sliced                      2

Erythritol                                        2-4 tsp or ten drops liquid

Salt                                                   1 tsp

Water                                              2 cups

Apple cider vinegar                     1 cup


  • First of all, take the cucumbers and sliced them.
  • Make the pickling brine in a small saucepan.
  • Heat 2 cups of water and a cup of vinegar.
  • Boil and turn off the flame.
  • Add erythritol and salt.
  • Mix it well.
  • Keep it aside to let it cool.
  • Peel out the garlic and onion.
  • Slice them out.
  • Add all the seasonings sliced onion, garlic, peppercorns, mustard grains, and allspice.
  • Place the leaf and dill seeds at the end of a jar.
  • Put the cucumber into the jar.
  • Add fresh dill seed and pour in the prepared brine.
  • Let it cool and cover with a lid.
  • Place it in the fridge for at least two days for better infusion.

What Kind Of Pickle Is Healthiest?

All kind of pickles has the benefit to your health. There are different types of pickles such as Dill pickles, Kosher dill pickles, overnight Dill pickles, Polish and German pickles, Sweet pickles, and many more. Moreover, some pickles contain fruits and vegetables, and spices are a little bit more beneficial for you. It has fermentation support that makes it exceptionally advantageous. Its bacterias may cut down the lactose sugar and improve the gut health. Vinegar helps in fermentation and increase the probiotics for healthy gut functioning.

Can Pickle Juice Drink On Keto?

Eating pickles is quite common, but you can also drink pickle juice. Some people love to drink pickle juice, and you can set it as a raw beverage in your keto diet. There are different drinks made with some pickle oriented foods such as olive and olive juice. So, there is an increased ratio to pick pickle juice as a keto-friendly beverage. You can fuse this food item in a juice form to enjoy the perks and tanginess.

Where We Get Keto-Approved Pickles?

When going to add pickle to your keto diet, you must explore the details. Check the details thoroughly in the pack when you are going to buy it from the store. It has nutritional values according to your requirements. Check the nutrition label and evaluate elements such as cucumber, vinegar, water, and zero-calorie flavorings. Though pickles are right for your health, you should elaborate on the whole thing about a pickle if you are buying it from the market. Avoid the additives, preservatives, lactose based pickles. Some of the best and more delicious products are:

  • Claussen kosher dill halves
  • Mc Clure’s spicy pickles
  • Bubble kosher dill

Each of these products has a specialty that makes it quite delicious and different from each other. You can have the best one according to your choice, needs, and taste.


Pickles is one of the most favorite food and a known condiment. It has a blend of fruits, vegetables, spices, and oils that make it tangy, sharp, and full of tart options. You delish your taste buds with its intense flavor and aroma. It is useful for the keto diet and ensures low-carb support without wasting your keto diet benefits. Pickle has fewer carbs, and its taste helps you overcome the weight loss needs.


Are Pickles Low Carb?

Pickles are indisputabley low carb and allow in keto diet. The pickles are the primary foundation of the diet itself. In fact, some brands offers some pickles that contains zero carbs. One serving of those pickles contain 1 gram carbs.

Will Pickles Kick You Out From Ketosis?

Pickles are keto-friendly edible thing because it doesn’t contains added sugar. Generally, you should need to select dill and sour pickles but try to avoid sweet, candied, bread, and butter one.

Are Pickles Good For Weight Loss?

Adding pickle in your healthy diet as snacks can help you to lose your weight. Because the pickles contains low amount of calories. You can easily eat pickles even if you are on restricted diet.


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