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21 Day Keto Diet Plan – Complete Meal Plan Chart

21 Day Keto Diet Plan Overview

If you are looking to maintain your weight? Are you fed up with all the things that you tried ever for weight loss? If yes, then why do not you tried the weight loss plan such as a low carb diet or ketogenic diet. It is definitely a beneficial weight loss plan that can help you drop extra fats, but it is a restrictive carb plan. There are millions of users of the Keto diet, and they are getting benefits for their weight loss. It is easy to maintain a diet plan that you can add up in your daily living. Although, it restricts the carbs intake and puts you on high fats and moderate protein diet. This diet absolutely revolves around the low carbs to burn more fats. You can try this 21 Day Keto Diet Plan to enjoy more benefits if you want to explore details of this plan than read this article thoroughly.

What is Keto Diet?

Keto Diet is a low-carb diet that restricts your carbs intake and puts you on a high-fat burning state known as ketosis. It allows you to enjoy more beneficial outcomes for weight loss by putting you in ketosis. It is a high-fat burning state that ensures you to burn fats for energy. Our body uses carbs to get energy, but after using the keto diet, your body uses the stored fats of the body to produce energy rather than using carbs. It is a very effective method that causes no harm to the body, but it is challenging to quickly get into this state. The body needs an endless flow of ketones to put you in ketosis that can be produced with the help of a low carb diet such as keto diet. That is why sometimes keto diet, also known as low-carb diet or carbs restrictive diet. Moreover, the experts say that you have to take 5g of carbs in a day when you are on a keto diet.

How Does It Work?

It works by improving the number of ketones in the liver. Your body has ketones in the liver that are known as endogenous ketones. They are the tiny powerhouse that provides energy to your body, but their amount is not enough to maintain energy balance in the whole body. That is why you need a diet that supports ketones in the body. It can be done by having a low-carb diet. People dieting with keto diet has to limit their crabs to 5g in a day. Carbs are the ones that are not easy to burn, and they make you look fat. That is why carbs restriction is essential. After that, it increases ketones in the body that indulge you in ketosis to start fat burn for the sake of energy. This diet basically transfers the mode of energy production to trigger fat loss by burning them.

Who can Use This Diet Plan?

Well, it is an effective diet plan that can be used to improve weight loss chances. This is a low-carb diet plan involving the restriction of carbs and a high intake of fats and moderate proteins. But, it is not for everyone. It can be used by:

  • People with increased body weight
  • Obese and overweight persons
  • Individuals looking for health and fitness
  • People who want to boost their weight loss goals

Despite all, it is safe to use the diet for everyone who has been searching for some health-supportive diet plan. But, try to avoid this diet if you are pregnant, under 18, breastfeeding lady, or taking another treatment.

21 Day Keto Diet Plan

The 21-day keto diet plan involves three weeks that equipped with different foods, snacks, breakfasts, and meals to allure your taste buds and makes weight loss easier. Let’s check it out.

1st Week Keto Diet Plan


Breakfast                             Scrambled eggs

Lunch                                    Keto Caprese omelet

Dinner                                  Keto chicken casserole


Breakfast                            Keto cheese rolls

Lunch                                   Keto Asian salad with beef

Dinner                                 Keto Pie of Meat


Breakfast                            Keto frittata

Lunch                                    Keto chicken soup

Dinner                                  Keto Carbonara


Breakfast                             Keto latte

Lunch                                    Keto salad with avocado and bacon

Dinner                                 Ground beef and salsa with Keto tortilla


Breakfast                             keto mushroom omelet

Lunch                                    Keto smoked salmon

Dinner                                  Green beans with pork chops


Breakfast                               Keto bacon omelet

Lunch                                    Keto quesadillas

Dinner                                 Stir-fry Asian cabbage


Breakfast                           Whipped Cream with Keto pancakes

Lunch                                    Italian keto plate

Dinner                                 Keto pizza

2nd Week of the Keto Diet Plan


Breakfast                            Without bread sandwich

Lunch                                    Boiled eggs with tuna salad

Dinner                                 Keto Hamburger patties


Breakfast                            Keto coconut cereal

Lunch                                    Keto roast beef with cheddar plate

Dinner                                 Keto fried salmon with broccoli


Breakfast                            Bulletproof coffee

Lunch                                    Keto shrimp with creamy tomato sauce

Dinner                                 Keto chicken casserole


Breakfast                            Keto egg muffins

Lunch                                    Keto cauliflower soup

Dinner                                 Keto cheeseburger


Breakfast                            Boiled eggs

Lunch                                    Keto Caesar salad

Dinner                                 Fathead pizza


Breakfast                            Classic bacon with eggs

Lunch                                    Keto salmon and avocados

Dinner                                  Keto steak vegetables


Breakfast                            Western omelet

Lunch                                    Keto prosciutto-wrapped asparagus with goat cheese

Dinner                                 Creamy keto fish casserole

3rd Week of Keto Diet Plan


Breakfast                            Keto cereals with coconut milk

Lunch                                    Salmon Fish with salad

Dinner                                  Humus and Nachos


Breakfast                             Keto Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Lunch                                    Keto Chicken Waffles

Dinner                                  Keto Beef Stew


Breakfast                             Cabbage Hash Browns with eggs

Lunch                                    Keto Nachos

Dinner                                  Keto Meatballs


Breakfast                             Keto Pancakes with Black Keto Chocolate

Lunch                                    Keto Meatloaf

Dinner                                  Keto Stuffed Pepper


Breakfast                             Keto breakfast cups

Lunch                                    Keto Burger Fat bombs

Dinner                                  Stuffed Avocado with Tako


Breakfast                             Keto Blueberry Muffins and Keto Smoothie

Lunch                                    Keto Chilli Meat

Dinner                                  Keto Taco Casserole


Breakfast                             Chocolate Keto Protein Shake

Lunch                                    Keto Taco Cups

Dinner                                 Lettuce ice burgers

You can add more things to your meals by variating the ingredients. There are thousands of recipes available for keto dieters. You can try whatever you want for your dieting plan. But, be focused on your carbs intake. Do not take a higher amount and take high fats.

Tips To Enjoy More Benefits

If you want to enjoy more perks with a keto diet plan, try the following tips to improve benefits. Here they are:

Fluctuate your meals, and do not stick to a single food. It may make you bore, and you gradually did not like that food. So, make sure you have a variation in each meal. It also gives you taste buds support and make you consistent for weight loss journey.

Try to make simple and healthy foods that did not make you tired and vanish your hunger. Always prep your food and freeze it. Make the cooking more accessible and instant by preparing food requirements in advance.

Add some raw and no-cook foods into your diet. They will add crunch and munch to your diet.

Do not forget about the importance of carb restriction and make sure that you use high fat and moderate protein foods to support your diet plan.

Bottom Line

This 21 Day Keto Diet Plan specially designed for the people who have been looking to reduce their weight and maintain healthy living with the help of a low carb diet. It has the essential foods that can help you to enjoy maximum weight loss and overall health betterment.


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