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Keto Vanilla Bulletproof Coffee With Cream – Coffee On Keto Diet

Keto Vanilla Coffee Recipe With Cream

Keto Vanilla Coffee Recipe With Cream gives you an amazing taste of coffee and cream at the same time. You can enjoy it on your keto dieting. This is a foamy, sweet, and creamy kind of coffee. There is an addition of healthy fats to provide fuel for your body.

This vanilla Bulletproof coffee not only provides coffee texture but also helps you to get into ketosis. You can have this coffee in the morning to boost your day. It has low-carb milk that can be added to your keto diet. The addition of vanilla flavor makes it yummier.

What Is Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof coffee is one of the best coffee that can be added to your normal routine. It is a mixture of different ingredients such as coffee, MCT oil, and grass-fed butter.

All the ingredients of this coffee support the keto diet and have their individual benefits for the users. It is better to have a healthy option than just wasting your time on other sugary and high-carb beverages and snacks.

Bulletproof Coffee Comes From – History

It is made in 2004 when Dave Asprey was on a trip to Tibet. And he was at 18,000 feet over the ocean level. It was quite difficult to stay at that temperature, and he received a margarine tea with yak butter.

He realizes this drink’s taste is so amazing that he feels the energy, vitality, and mental clarity. Then, he merged the grass-fed Butter by replacing the yak butter, MCT, coffee to make the Bulletproof coffee.

Bulletproof Keto Vanilla Coffee Recipe Elements

1. Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are full of energy that is possible due to caffeine. This may also provide cell reinforcements and antioxidants, which is essential to have great quality espresso texture from these beans. On the other hand, modest coffee beans have mycotoxins that reduce brain fog and lack of energy.

2. Grass-Fed Butter

Butter is important because it gives the texture to this coffee. Unsalted and grass-fed butter is added in bulletproof coffee. It provides vitamin A, short and medium-chain triglycerides. They may help to boost your immune system, curb your cravings, and improve healthy digestion. Moreover, grass-fed butter gives the creamy, rich, and lactose-free support.

3. Coconut Oil Or MCT Oil

Coconut oil and MCT oil are somehow the same because MCT oil has 60% coconut oil. Moreover, coconut has 65-80% MCTs in it that show their correlation to each other. Both of these oils are beneficial for health in their own ways. But coconut is the oil that is less expensive as compared to MCT oil. MCT oil is made perused increasingly about the way toward making MCT oil on health impact news.

Benefits Of Bulletproof Coffee

  • You can enjoy many benefits from drinking keto coffee. It has a bunch of perks to improve the outcomes of weight loss by using the keto diet.
  • This is the best thing that you can easily add to your daily routine to surge up the benefits of coffee and keto diet support at the same time.
  • Coffee contains caffeine that gives you mental alertness, reduces brain fog, and supercharge your brain cells.
  • It has butter and MCT oil that helps you to attain more energy for along time. This is a keto-friendly coffee that provides fats and makes you feel fuller.
  • This may curb your appetite and cravings and reduce overeating.
  • It helps in weight loss with its appetite suppression and fat burning.
  • Fulfill your daily requirement for having a coffee craving.
Make Bulletproof Vanilla Coffee

Keto Vanilla Smoothie Recipes

There are different kinds of recipes to make your morning coffee yummy and unique. They have different flavors due to variations in ingredients. When you make the coffee at home, you can fuse or replace the things according to your need. This recipe is a keto vanilla smoothie that has vanilla extract or vanilla-flavored components. It is quite simple to make and tasty to drink. Vanilla is the basic ingredient of this recipe because it gives its stronger and delightful flavor to this smoothie.

  • Some Kinds of Vanilla Smoothies
  • Vanilla ice cream keto coffee smoothie
  • Strawberry smoothie vanilla
  • Exogenous ketone vanilla bean smoothie
  • Keto coffee vanilla shake
  • French vanilla keto coffee creamer
  • Vanilla Marshmallow smoothie
  • Vanilla almond peanut protein shake
  • Almond vanilla protein shake
  • Sunflower butter and cocoa smoothie
  • Skinny vanilla protein milkshake
  • Coconut vanilla bean shook hibiscus iced tea latte
  • Vanilla spice milkshake
  • Turmeric smoothie

All these are the different types of smoothies that you can make by adding vanilla and other ingredients.

How To Make Bulletproof Vanilla Coffee?

The making of this recipe is easier because it has simple ingredients. You just have to add the things and brew it for a while to get your keto vanilla coffee’s desired texture. You can follow the instruction to make your coffee tastier. Check my bulletproof coffee instructions here to see the typical way to make it.

Keto Vanilla Bulletproof Coffee


This coffee is a simple and easy to make recipe which has the following ingredients.

Dark roast coffee grounds    4 ounces
Filtered water  4 quarts
Low carb keto sweet    2 tablespoon


  • Mix butter and MCT oil or ghee
  • Brew your coffee
  • Add in the creamer
  • Mix them with an immersion blender
  • Top it off with a bit of cinnamon
  • Pour half water in two half-gallon pitchers
  • Add coffee and water in both pitchers
  • Cover them for 30 minutes
  • Stir the water pitcher
  • Cover it and keep it at room temperature
  • Take a cheesecloth and take the mesh strainer
  • Make a double layer of cheesecloth to filter the coffee
  • Drain way all the liquid from the coffee
  • It will take a few mixtures for straining
  • Keep the strained coffee in a covered container in the fridge for cooling.

Best Blender For Keto Coffee or Smoothie

1. Blendtech Classic Blender

This is one of the best blenders for making bulletproof coffee. It is made by the Blendtec brand that is famous for its valid product making. This blender has convenient features that make it a useful option for making your coffee at home.

It has pre-programmed operations that include ice crush, smoothies, ice cream, and also hot soup. It has a container which has flat patterns on its all sides. That is why you can easily clean the container after making your coffee and save your time.

best blenders for making bulletproof coffee


  • It has variable speed control knobs to offer various mixing speed levels.
  • Offers tap on the lender pitcher.
  • Grind coffee beans with amazing power.
  • Can be used by both handed people.


  • Provide noise when working.
  • Not good for chopping
  • Confusing controlling and usage options
  • Container has ridges that protect thins falling out.

2. Vitamix Blender

Vitamix Explorian Blender is another best option to make your coffee. It is specially designed to make your bulletproof coffee at home. This is made by the Vitamix brand to ensure your high-quality working capacity. Its features are really remarkable to beat the other blenders in the market. This is the most luxurious option to give you the valid functioning for grinding and making your coffee. There are various products of the same brand. It has a Vitamix 5000 series backed with amazing features. This series is best for bulletproof coffee but not as much powerful than the Bendtce. But, still, it has many benefits to make your coffee yummy delicious.

best option to make your coffee


  • Made with a strong motor.
  • Quickly and effectively work to blend the hardest things.
  • Affordable and high-performance option.
  • Saves your money.
  • Provide support for healthy meals and drinks, making.


  • This is an expensive blender as compared to other blenders in the market.
  • Not for everyone due to its cost.

3. Cuisinart Peak Hurricane Pro

Cuisinart Peak Hurricane Pro Blender is the most favorite blender for many professionals users. This is a waste blender that makes your coffee more creamy and full of texture. It helps to make your coffee smooth, tasty, and more delicious.

most favorite blender


  • Made with high-quality material.
  • Available with excellent attachments.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Backed with three-year limited warranty.
  • Comes with a ten-year motor warranty.
  • Reduce the blending time with high-capacity working.


  • No cordless support.
  • Weird handle.
  • No cancel function.
  • Inexpensive and low-quality lid.

4. Magimix BL Blender

Magimix Multifunction Professional Blender is a little European product. This is the best option for precise work. It is popular among European consumers, but other users also prefer this blender due to its efficient working. Its function is an alternative to other well-known brands because this blender’s features amaze you with beneficial working.

It has manual control settings to control the blending to attain the desired texture. This is a strong blender that provides watt in power and 1.6 horsepower. It has a glass jar, and some products offer a pot made from durable plastic. This glass pot may develop the color of foods, but this is common when you blend various colors in this blender.

best option for precise work


  • Powerful blender.
  • Make tasty  and quality smoothies.
  • Provide better results for mixing your foods.
  • High-quality plastic pitcher with no color, odor, and flavor absorption.
  • Offers a dough blade.


  • Comes with a shorter time of warranty.
  • Cord based usage option.

5. Ninja Blender

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender is a keto coffee blender. It is an affordable option in the category of keto coffee blender. This is an excellent and mid-range blender that you can use to make your bulletproof coffee. It is an affordable and beneficial option that can help you to enjoy the amazing taste of your coffee.

This blender has a powerful motor along with a bunch of additional features. It is the best option for the beginners that provide easy to use option. There is a large plastic container to support the blending. It is the cheaper and beneficial blender that offers a feeder cap.

This cap may create difficulties when you want to add something in your blender during blending. The manufacturer offers a shorter warranty than other blenders. It is an affordable option that comes with a warranty.

keto coffee blender


  • Easy to use.
  • An efficient and powerful blender.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Provide full of texture food.
  • Can handle many tasks at the same time.
  • Noiseless option.
  • Made with stainless steel blades.


  • Take more place for storage.
  • Best for large blending support.
  • Additional expenses for other series products.
  • Not suitable for dishwasher cleaning.
  • Expensive blender.

6. Oster Blender

Oster Speed Beehive Blender got the support to make your bulletproof coffee. You can make bulletproof coffee drinks with the help of this blender. It helps to blend the heat, frozen fruit, ice, kand foods.

There is a container made with glass to protect from harmful things and make your drink more healthy. This is a durable and affordable option that offers no issues. It absolutely grinds your vegetables.

make your bulletproof coffee


  • Multipurpose blender.
  • Comes with a glass pitcher.
  • Powerful blending capacity.
  • Provide the best speed and excellent control.
  • Durable and dual-direction blades.
  • Large blades.
  • Easy to assemble and use.


  • Provide more noise.
  • Unstable option.
  • Issue in the lid of the pitcher.

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender is an affordable option to make your Bulletproof coffee. It has not much powerful motor as compared to other blenders. But the motor function well-enough to blend the things. It has 12 program settings to make the blending more controllable by the user.

You can quickly make the bulletproof coffee with the help of this blender. This is an affordable blender that offers amazing working. It has a glass jar that can be used to blend the things effectively. This jar may help to avoid the discoloration and support the durability of the blender.

It is made with glass; that is why it is quite heavy than other plastic made jars. However, there is a risk of breaking that glass jar, but you have to be careful when using this blender. It has a 700 watts working support to blend the things more efficiently.

make your Bulletproof coffee


  • No leaking issue.
  • Comes with an efficient pouring spout.
  • Provide easy cleaning.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Only contain four distinct parts.
  • Provide remarkable blending performance.
  • Three years warranty.


  • Need additional water to grind hard foods such as broccoli and greens.
  • Heavy glass container.
  • Comes with adhesive parts.
  • Needs extra liquid.

Speed Hand Blender

Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender is one of the blenders known for making bulletproof coffee. It is a simple immersion blender for making your coffee.

You can easily wash and clean this blender. The product gives you amazing speed with its affordable costs. You can make your bulletproof coffee at home with the help of this blender.

making bulletproof coffee


  • Easy to use for blending or puree food.
  • Can blend everything.
  • Less hectic for cleaning.
  • Best cleaning support.
  • Available in cordless models.
  • Easily kept at the minimum place


  • Cannot help in blending or pureeing of hard foods.
  • Bets for crushing, chopping, and grinding.
  • It is not a children-friendly product.
  • Requires extreme care.


Making your keto vanilla bulletproof coffee at home is easier by using the best coffee maker or blending machine. All the above-described machines are really beneficial, affordable, and full of remarkable features to make your keto bulletproof coffee full of texture and taste.

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