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What Is Maltitol Sugar? Is It Keto Friendly Or Not?

People have some issues because of sugar, and they want to decrease their intake of sugar, and with good reason. Extra intakes of sugar can increase the chances of dementia. There is a multitude of alternatives of sugar. Here you will discover all the information about this Maltitol sugar. So, let’s get started:

What Is Maltitol?

Maltitol is known as the sugar alcohol. It’s 90% sweet same as like the regular sugar that contains little over half of the calories. This maltitol sugar is a type of carbohydrate of which is neither sugar nor alcohol. This is naturally founded in some fruits and vegetables.

This alcohol sugar might be produced commercially to use as the ingredient for different food items and beverages that we eat. Kind of sugar alcohol like erythritol and maltitol is used in low-carb and sugar-free food items such as candies and nutrition bars.

These sweeteners are the same as sugar in terms of taste, texture, and interaction with other ingredients. Products that made with the use of maltitol and other sugar alcohols as sweeteners that called sugar-free products. It is claimed that maltitol has a little bit of effect on blood pressure, but that is not the case.

Why Use Maltitol?

Maltitol is a low-calorie artificial sweetener that uses in processed foods and drinks. It is a suitable replacement for table sugar because it is sweet as similar to the regular sugar, but contains a low amount of calories. It feels great as related to sucrose.

This sugar sweetener is good for processed baked goods. That is seldom attached to eat gums and sweet to create a cool sentiment in your mouth.

What Foods Contains Maltitol?

Maltitol sugar is usually founded in the sugar-free sweets such as gum, chocolate, ice cream, and baked goods. Also, it can be found in the gelatin capsules. It can be used as an ingredient in many supplements. Although, it has half of the glycemic index of regular sugar. This sugar can affect blood sugar if consumed in large amounts. Some foods that contain maltitol sugar:

  • Sugar-free candies
  • Sugar-free chocolate
  • Energy bars
  • Baked goods
  • Cream and fruit fillings for baked goods
  • Chewing gums
  • Foundant and other frostings
  • Ice cream
  • Dairy desserts

Benefits of Maltitol

Maltitol sugar allows you to get the same flavor of regular sugar in sweets, but with fewer calories. And for this reason, it can be helpful with weight loss. Also, it doesn’t have the unpleasant aftertaste which other substitutes of sugar have.

It will help you to stick with the low-calorie diet if you are trying to lose weight and maintain your diabetes. Other sugar alcohols and maltitol don’t cause cavities or tooth decay, such as sugar and other sweeteners.

Here are some other benefits of maltitol sugar alcohol:

Calorie Reduction

If you are going to exchange the maltitol sugar in equal amounts, then you will gain some extra calorie deficit. But if you are typically consuming a significant amount of calories from sugar every day, then this deficit calorie increase may cause of some benefits.

Moreover, it will help you to wean yourself off of sugar completely if you gradually prevent the amount of sugar you use.

Dental Health

Maltitol sugar is the best sugar for your teeth than other sugar. Some researches show that the use of maltitol sugar products on dental health with some positive findings. Therefore, there are some cautions about the recommendations of maltitol other low-and zero-calorie sweetener.

There are some evidences that maltitol sugar can help to improve the dental health. But the evidence is lacking on whether it can reduce the cavities. A research noted that xylitol sugar products could provide the greatest benefits for your teeth.

Is Maltitol Keto-Friendly?

Maltitol is a kind of sugar alcohol that is often used as the alternative in the sugar-free sweetener. And as such, you may wonder to know that these are suitable for the ketogenic diet. High fat and low carb diets can promote the weight loss by encouraging your body to burn fat instead of burning carbs for energy.

But if you use maltitol in your regular food item, it can cause high blood sugar levels. And maybe kick you out from ketosis, and waste all your hard work to get the ketosis state. Since, maltitol sugar is not a very keto-friendly sweetener. If you need it, you can use it like regular sugar by replacing your table sugar.

Is Maltitol Safe for People With Diabetes?

It is noted that maltitol is not a problematic ingredient for the poeple with diabetes. Maltodextrin may increase your blood glucose levels. Its not best to use maltitol as sugar while diet, but its a better choice than the other sweeteners.

Often maltitol is used in dried assets and cakes, many foods seen in several high carbs. You may want to add it into your meals but first try the packaged assets that have been attached with maltitol. Many of these food items contains others eating items that could interfere with the ketosis.

There are various methods to replace your regular sugar with the maltitol sugar. When you do this you can feel the same amount as you would use the regular sugar. Some people may feel pain in their stomach after eating maltitol sugar.

Is Maltitol Safe For People Who Avoid Gluten?

Celtic is a disease that directly attacks the small intestine due to the face of gluten, and a gluten-free diet is the only medically accepted treatment.

Some people may become allergic due to the gluten. These sugars are highly processed, which contains no wheat gluten, and therefore it can’t cause any reaction. The example of these processed sugar is mannitol, sorbitol, sorbitan, maltitol, xylitol, lactitol, and erythritol.

Side Effects of Maltitol Sugar

This artificial sweetener may have some benefits over the regular sugar, like lower glycemic index and calorie value. But it’s not safe to incorporate a large amount of this sugar. Consumption of these sugars is associated with many digestive disturbances.

A study compared all the products which contain regular sugar and those that have maltitol sugar. People who eat the maltitol products found significantly higher gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal discomfort, flatulence, and bloating.

Other side effects of maltitol are dangerous include diarrhea. This sugar is considered as a laxative when taken in a large amount. Also, it is associated with the frequent diarrhea.


What Is Maltitol Sweetener Made From?

Maltitol sugar is made from the hydrogenation of maltose. It is obtained from the enzyme conversion of starch to maltose. This sugar is also non-cariogenic and resistant to metabolism by the oral bacteria that can breaks down the sugars and starches to release the acids.

Will Maltitol Stop Ketosis?

When you use this sweetener in moderation, it can be safe for yourself. But though it is not an ideal artificial sweetener as the other sugar alcohols. Generally, you should need to be careful with the packaged foods that contain maltitol.

What Is the Safest Sugar Substitute?

The best and safe sugar substitute of sugar are erythritol, exylitol, stevia leaf extract, and newtame with some caveats.


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